OSIRISFacultaire werkinstructiesWerkinstructies Faculteit Letteren DOCENTEN LETTEREN[Internship] - Grading an internship within OSIRIS Case (OSIRIS Zaak)

[Internship] - Grading an internship within OSIRIS Case (OSIRIS Zaak)

Target: You can fulfill the process of grading an Internship through Osiris Case (Osiris Zaak)

For: Internship supervisors / teachers (Faculty of Arts)

Login to Osiris as usual. On the Home tab go to ‘Case’ (‘Zaak’ in Dutch)


Select the student / internship assessment you want to review.


Below you see the Task overview page of the Assessment Case:


1. Read the students' input. It consists of the web form Internship data and the Internship report.


2. Supply your input in the corresponding (programme specific) assessment form, which can be found at this Radboudnet webpage: https://www.radboudnet.nl/letteren/vm/stagebeoordeling/overzicht-opleidingen-bijbehorende-formulieren/. Upload this assessment file in the web form Initial review.


Click the 'Completed' button (3) on the Task overview page to copy the final grade to the Grade-section

The final step consists of signing the grade (electronically). Go to the Grade-tab and select 'Make selection' to select the student. Finally, click 'Sign selection' to sign and send the grade.