10.11 Informing MMD applicants (Molecular Mechanisms of Disease)

Informing MMD applicants will depend on the outcome of the selection procedure. Please see https://trello.com/c/aOHigU5W/37-mmd-molecular-mechanisms-of-disease for more information.


If a student is selected and place in the Master's it means the student is admitted. You will see the following in Osiris

Please note the student can be place from the waiting list or not. Go to the master admission instructions and email the student regularly.

Wachtlijst/Waiting list

Students on the waiting list are not rejected, yet they cannot be admitted unless another participant withdrawns their application from the programme. You will see the following information in the application in Osiris:

1)In Checklist: Besluit toelating door toelatingscommissie the selection will be (Voorwaardelijke) Toegelaten

2)In overige voorwaarden the text you will need to send by email.

3)In Uitkomst master met selectie the faculty will select Wachtlijst

If you have this information in Osiris copy the text in Overige Voorwaarden and please take the two following steps:

1)Use the empty email: LEEG_MAIL_SID-Lege mededeling (email) voor Admission Office

Edit the subject of the email:

Please write the following:

Your MMD application at Radboud University (<studentnummer>)

Add the sentence on top too and paste the text from Overige voorwaarden in the sjabloon  

Go back to Aanmeldingen on the Checklist: Informeren student door Student Admissions click on Email vestuurd. Save the changes

Please note you do NOT change the admission decision or add an admission decision.

Rejected (Niet Geplaatst/Not placed)

If a student has the remark niet geplaatst or just decision is rejected and the rejection reasons are listed. Please consult the rejection manuals for instructions.