How do Breakout Rooms work? | Zoom

During a session the lecturer is able to split the students up into smaller groups. The students will then be moved to different sessions, where they can, for example, discuss a group assignment.

  • Click Join.
  1. Turn on your own audio or video;
  2. See which participants are in the breakout room;
  3. Chat with other participants;
  4. Share your screen with other participants;
  5. Ask the lecturer for help;
  6. Add a reaction;
  7. Leave the breakout room.

The lecturer can send a message to all breakout rooms from the main session. That will look like this:

The message from the host will disappear after a few seconds.

Ask the lecturer for help from the Breakout Room

The host of the session, which is usually the lecturer, can drop by in a Breakout Room to see how everyone is doing. You can also ask the lecturer to come to the session yourself, do this by clicking Ask for Help. 

  • Click Ask for Help.
  • Click Invite Host. The host will now receive a notification of your invitation. When the invitation gets refused you will receive a notification. When the lecturer has time to help, they will participate in your breakout room.


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