How do I add Turnitin feedback to my ePortfolio?

Teachers can use Brightspace to grade assignments and give feedback by using Turnitin. You can add this feedback to your ePortfolio. 

  1. Go to the course where the Turnitin assignment is located and go to Activities.
  2. Click on Assignments.
  1. Find the correct submission folder (you can recognize it by the Turnitin logo behind the Assignment).
  2. Click View Feedback.

The following screen will open.

The Add to ePortfolio button at the top left of this screen will add a file to your ePortfolio that does not work. That is why you should not use this button when you add Turnitin feedback!

You can use this button, however, if you want to add feedback from other non-Turnitin assignments to your ePortfolio.

  • Click on View Inline Feedback.

The Turnitin feedback studio will open.

  • Click the Download button.
  • Choose Current View.

Your original file will now be downloaded as a PDF file. At the bottom of this PDF you will find an overview of the feedback, your grade and the rubrics that were filled in. Now you can upload the file to your ePortfolio, like you would do with any other file.

The PDF file will only show the feedback that was given up until the moment of the download. If the teacher adds or alters feedback after you have downloaded the PDF, you will need to repeat the steps if you want to add the new feedback in your ePortfolio.

If you only want to add the feedback to your ePortfolio and not a copy of the submission, you can easily delete the irrelevant pages using this online tool, for example.