How do I view the plagiarism report (Turnitin)?

Teachers can use a tool that allows them to check for plagiarism in submitted assignments. The tool that is used most frequently at Radboud University is Turnitin. From january 2021 Radboud University will use a different tool, Urkund.

These tools will compare the assignments that have been handed in with a database of articles, publications, previously submitted assignments, the internet, and assignments by fellow students. They will then show how similar this assignment is to others.

The tools that are used at Radboud University make it possible for students to submit their assignment in Assignments, after which they will automatically be submitted to the tool. This way the tool will directly perform the plagiarism check. Another option is to start the check after the deadline has passed.


If the teacher has turned on Turnitin for an assignment, they can see for each submitted assignment whether plagiarism has occurred. The degree of similarity between the text and existing texts will be expressed in a percentage.

The plagiarism score shows the percentage of your text that is similar to text from a different source. This means that quotes also count for this score, even though it is not plagiarism! As a consequence, a high score does not necessarily have to mean that you have to worry about committing plagiarism. The teacher will always check whether the student has actually committed plagiarism, or whether the score is a reflection of the number of quotes you have used.

Hand in an assignment

  • Go to Activities > Assignments. You will be navigated to the Assignments homepage.

The assignment(s) for which the teacher has enabled Turnitin can be recognised by the binoculars icon. 

  • Click on the Assignment to hand in your assignment.
  1. Below the heading Turnitin you will see that Turnitin has been turned on for this assignment.
  2. Click Add a file to upload your file.
  3. Add a description in the description field if desired and click Submit.

If this is the first time you hand in an assignment with Turnitin, the Turnitin User Agreement will be shown (this will happen again every time Turnitin alters the "Agreement"). In order to submit your work, you have to agree with the terms by clicking on 'I agree'.

View plagiarism score

As a student you can only view the plagiarism score for your own submitted assignment, as long as the teacher has made this option available for you. If the teacher has done so, the plagiarism score can be accessed by clicking the submitted assignment (Submitted).

  • Go to Assignments.
  • Click Submitted. You will be navigated to the Submission History page.
  • Next to the Submission you will find Turnitin Similarity. If you have handed in your assignment via Turnitin, this is where you will find your plagiarism score.
  • Click the percentage to view your assignment in Turnitin's Feedback Studio. A new window will open. 
  • You can see the assignment you have handed in in the Feedback Studio. The colored parts indicate where plagiarism has occurred.
  • The bar on the right contains the Match Overview. Here you will find an overview of the sources that are the most similar to your own text. 
  • If you click the graph icon below the Match Overview, you will see a list called All Sources. Here you will find all sources that are partially similar to your assignment.

View assessment

Another method for teachers to assess students' work via Turnitin is through the Grademark module.

The score that a teacher has awarded via Grademark can be found under Score.

The score will also be displayed at the top right in the Feedback Studio page.