How does Kaltura work? Activities | Kaltura

When you want to add a video to a Brightspace course, you can use Kaltura to do so. Kaltura is an interactive video and audio platform integrated in Brightspace. The tool serves as a resource for posting and editing videos.

Working with Kaltura has several benefits:

  • Your video is uploaded to a secure environment, where you can manage the videos yourself.
  • On the My Media page you will find all of your uploads. This way you will always have an overview of all videos you have uploaded for different courses and on different moments.
  • You can choose whether to publish a video or not. If a video is set on private mode, you will be the only one who can see it. When you publish a video, others within the selected course can see it.
  • You can also edit videos in Kaltura. For example, you can change the name, description, and thumbnail of a video.
  • Another possibility in Kaltura is the option to create a quiz with questions about your video.
  1. Navigate to Activities in the navbar of your course.
  2. Click Kaltura My Media.

Kaltura consists of two components: the My Media page and the Course Gallery.

My Media

  • It is possible to upload videos to Kaltura using Kaltura My Media. You will also find an overview of the videos you have uploaded previously, and here you can alter, delete, and publish these videos to make them available for other course participants.

Read the article How do I add a video to Kaltura? to get more information about uploading videos to Kaltura.

When you upload new videos, always do so via Kaltura My Media rather than Kaltura Course Gallery. This is an important distinction, because newly uploaded videos are private on My Media, whereas they immediately will be visible for other users when uploaded to the Course Gallery.

When you click Filters, a fold-out window will appear with different filter options: 

  • Media type: The type of media, for example a video or audio file;
  • Publish Status: A video is private, published, running, or denied; 
  • Ownership: Filter for the owner of a video;
  • Captions: The availability of a caption;
  • Duration: Filter based on the length of a video;
  • Creation Date: Filter based on the creation date of a video. 
  • Each course has their own Kaltura Course Gallery. Here you will find an overview of all of the media that has been published by all participants of the course. You can add previously uploaded media to the Course Gallery and review statistics.

You can add videos to the Course Gallery from My Media. When you publish a video in the Course Gallery, other students can view them as well. You can publish it in the Course Gallery.

Read more about adding videos to the Course Gallery in the article: How do I add a video to Kaltura?

Publishing a video happens in the Course Gallery:

  • Go to Activities in the navbar of your course. Click Kaltura Course Gallery.
  • Click +Add Media. You will navigate to the Add Media page.
  1. Select the My Media video you want to add.
  2. Click Publish. Your video will be uploaded to the Course Gallery.
    If the manager of the course first needs to give permission to publish your video, you will see a notification stating your video is Pending. As soon as the manager (the teacher) accepts your video, it will appear in the Course Gallery.

For more information about adding a video from Kaltura to an assignment, please read the following article: How do I hand in a video assignment?