How do I view the plagiarism report in Urkund? | Urkund

Urkund is a tool lecturers can use to scan submitted assignments for plagiarism. For more informstion about submitting an assignment, read How do I submit/hand in an Assignment?


  1. Click Activities.
  2. Then click Urkund.

The first time you use Urkund you will receive a Brightspace notification.

  • Click  Do not ask me again for this application and then click Continue. 

You will now get to see a screen containing all assignments submitted in this course.

  • Click Show Details.
  1. You will now get to see all files you have submitted for a certain assignment. In this example you will see that the status of the submitted document is 'Analyzed', which means that Urkund has analyzed the submission.
  2. Click the submitted document.

Right now Urkund has problems with a bug that prevents students from seeing their plagiarism score. If you have to know this score, please contact your lecturer. They will be able to see the score.

  • Click Submission Feedback.

A new tab will open where you will be able to view the lecturer feedback if they have added any.