What's New? May 2020

On 29 May 2020, a new version of Brightspace (20.20.05) was released. Read more about what's new in this release below.


Hidden rubrics

A new option has been added when you choose the visibility of a rubric. If you do not want the rubric to be visible, not even afterwards, then the rubric's feedback can still be pushed to the student. The student will then get too see which score they have achieved for each criteria, as well as their Overall Feedback. They will not get to see the rubric and the descriptions of the other criteria.

Calendar: Remove multiple items

It is  now possible to remove multiple calendar items from the Calendar at once with the List View. Read more about this option in the manual How do I edit existing events in the Calendar?

Pulse app for Android: Pin courses

Android users are now able to pin courses in the Pulse app. This way the pinned courses will appear at the top of your course overview. Read more about the Pulse app in the manual How do I use the Pulse app? 

Remove Delete Virtual Classroom meetings

It is now possible to remove planned meetings from the Virtual Classroom. Previously this would lead to an error. Read more in the manual How do I remove a planned meeting from Virtual Classroom?

Kaltura: adjust playback speed

You will now be able to change the playback speed when playing videos in Kaltura.

Create File: new font size

When you create a new File in your content, the default font size will now be 16. Previously this was 12. If you changed the default Font Settings for you course, this will not be overwritten. Read more about setting up a default font and size for your course in the manual How do I change my account settings?

Editor: new template

A new template was added to the Editor (RU-blank page), which has the same font and formatting as other text elements in Brightspace. To find out more about templates, read the manual How do I use templates in the Editor?