What's New? September 2020

On 28 September 2020, a new version of Brightspace (20.20.09) was released. Read more about what's new in this release below.


Word count in Discussions

When typing a post in Discussions the number of typed words will now be visible. Students will only see the amount of words for their own posts, lecturers will be able to see the amount of words for all posts and threads.

Quizzes: easier to organise questions

When editing and creating Quizes it is now easier to organise questions or to move them to a certain section. Read more on how to do this in the manual How do I create a Quiz: Edit Questions.

Add files to Quiz questions of the Arithmetic and Significant Figures type

It is now possible to add files to the answers for Arithmetic and Significant Figures question types. The lecturer has to turn this on manually. Also read How do I use the Question Library: additional options.