How do I import questions to Cirrus?

If you want to import questions with Excel, you will first have to download the latest version of the Excel file from Cirrus before you get started.

You can import questions from different collections or for example an Excel file to each one of your collections in the library.

  • Navigate to Library in the navigation bar on the left.
  • Click on the collection that contains the desired item. You will now navigate to the Items tab of the collection.
  • Click Import under Action.
  • Select from where you wish to import the question/questions. In the example below we import an Excel file.
  • Click Continue.
  • Click Upload file and search for the desired file on your computer. It is important that the Excel file has the correct fields. You can see which fields by clicking See an example. A file containing an example will now be downloaded. Question Type, Question Text, the answers (Answer 1, Answer 2, etc), the correct answer and the Score are mandatory and need to be filled out. The other fields can remain empty. Remember that:
  • If you do not enter an item-ID, Cirrus will automatically generate an ID based on the existing ID's in the collection you are placing the new item in. 
  • If you have entered an item-ID that already exists within Cirrus, the ID of the already existing  item  will be changed to a new ID.
  • You can mark the correct answer by putting an asterisk (*) in front of it.
  • If you do not enter anything under Randomised, this value will automatically be False (meaning it is  not randomised).
  • If you want to enter something under Taxonomies this value needs to be similar to the existing options for taxonomies in Cirrus. The taxonomy can only be in the Cirrus list once.
  • If you do not enter anything for Status or enter a term that does not exist (or make a typo) the status will automatically become a draft. 

Labels that are added through import are visible for all Cirrus users. That is why you are not supposed to add labels through import.

Do you want to use labels regardless? Go to your own collection and turn on 'collection-labels.' Then add 'collection-labels' to your own collection. See this manual for more information. 

After you have uploaded a file or files, select the files you wish to import. 

  1. Select the box in front of the desired file(s). If you wish to export all files, you have to click on the box next to Title to select all files at once.
  2. Click Import selection. You will now return to the items tab; the newest items will be at the top in the list of items.