How do I share an assessment?

The faculty's coordinator of digital assessment creates an assessment and then shares it with the examiner. The examiner can then share it with other teachers.

  • Use the navigation bar on the left to navigate to Assessments.
  • Click on the assessment you want to share.
  • Click Share.
  • Search and select the right person by entering their name in the Add person bar.
  • Click on the fold-out arrow next to the role of the person and select which role they will receive for this assessment.
  • The option Anonymous sharing is not advised, unless the assessment you want to share is a test version. if you choose this option, a link will be created which you can share with whoever you want. The people with access to this link can take the exam without a login, and no results will be tracked.

Everyone on the list will automatically have access to the test (you do not have to save anything or click additional buttons).