What do I have to before I start marking?

As soon as a student has finished taking their test, the submitted answers can be marked. Before you start marking, the assessment's coordinator has to take some steps. 

  1. Go to Marking and select the assessment you want to mark.
  2. Settings: You have to set up the conditions for the asessments. Please read the article How do I set up the marking method? to learn more about the steps you have to take.
  3. Assessors: you will have to add assessors to the assessment. Please see the following article for more information: How do I add assessors to an assessment?
  4. Allocation: if you have multiple assessors, you will have to divide the marking among these assessors. You can go to settings to divide the candidates or the questions (items) among the assessors. Depending on what you have chosen, please read  one of the following articles:
    How do I divide students among reviewers?
    How do I divide questions among the reviewers?