How do I set up moderation?

While you are setting up the marking method  you can choose the moderation option.

  1. Click Marking and choose the assessment for which you want to select the moderation option.
  2. Select Use moderation. Additional options will appear below the Moderation heading.
  3. Select Show assessor annotations if you want the moderator to see the annotations that the other assessors have made. 
  4. Fill in how many percent the scores of the different assessors may differ before the answer of the candidate is send to moderation. This can only be filled in if you have selected Two assessors for the Assessing type option.
  5. Enter a percentage for the Promiximity to pass-mark to determine when an assessment has to be moderated.
  6. Fill in the range when assessed exams need to go to moderation.
  7. Click Save and next step to assign moderators to the assessment.

All questions of a candidate need to be moderated. If only a number of questions are moderated and submitted, the scores of the moderated questions will not be submitted.