How do I add assessors to an assessment?

Once an assessment has been submitted it is important that one or several assessors are assigned to the assessment so that it can be marked. These steps also apply if you are setting up moderation or if you want to add a moderator.

First use this manual to learn about setting up the marking method with the Settings tab.

  1. Click Marking and choose the assessment you want to add Assessors to.
  2. Click the Assessors tab.
  3. Click Add Assessors.
  1. Find the teacher you want to add as assessor.
  2. Select the box in front of the desired teacher.
  3. Choose one of the following roles:
    • Assessor
    • Moderator: assessor for the moderation. This person cannot be the same person as the assessor.
    • Other: cannot assess the assessment, but can get the rights to publish the results. This role is often for the faculty's Coordinator of Digital Assessment.
  4. Click Save and next step.
  • The teacher has now been added as assessor. Repeat the steps described above to add multiple assessors.
  1. Check the box for Publish results for the teacher you want to grant these rights.
  2. Check the box to allow Edit marking scheme (applicable to essay questions) when the assessor should be able to amend the marking scheme while assessing the exam.
  3. Check the box Audit when the user should be able to view the published results in the audit tab.
  4. Click Save and next step.

You will now be navigated to the Allocation tab. Please read this article for more information.

Did you accidentally add the wrong teacher as an assessor? Select the box in front of the name and click Remove Assessors. If you remove an assessor after they have started assessing, all of their work will be lost.