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How do I divide questions among the markers?

This article is only useful if you have selected the Allocate by Item option. Please read the article How do I set up the marking method? for more information.  

Before you start dividing the items among the assessors, you have to add the assessors to the assesment using this manual. 

After you have added assessors you have to allocate items to the assessors. This can be done automatically or manually. 

Automatic dividing of assessors

  • Click Automatic allocation.
  1. Choose Assign to all items if you want to assign all items to one assessor. Select the assessor.
  2. Choose Set assessor randomly if you want to divide the questions amongst the assessors. 
  3. Click Save and Close. 

Manual dividing of assessors

  1. Click the Allocation tab.
  2. Click Select assessor and then click the right assessor for each item.
  3. Click Save at the bottom of the page.