Can I update an already used / added question?

It is possible to update a question which has already been added to an exam or has been used in an exam. Cirrus differentiates between:

  1. Item revisions.
  2. Item versions.

Item revision

Item revisions refers to a change in the title text, the question, the text of the answer alternatives or the feedback. Furthermore you can also add a picture or pdf to the question.

  • Navigate to the Library on the left hand side. You land on the Collection tab.
  • Click on the collection in which you want to update an item.
  • Click on the item which needs updating.

It is possible to make the following adjustments:

  1. The title.
  2. The question.
  3. Adding and removing resources and / or media files.
  4. The text of the possible answers.
  • Click on Save or Save and close when you are finished.

After saving the question, a warning message appears. Select Yes to update the question in the assessment.

Item versions

A new version of an item is created after one of the following amendments is made:

  1. Adding or deleting of an answer alternative.
  2. Amending the maximum score to be awarded.
  3. Changing the correct answer.
  4. Changing the seed item (yes or no).
  5. Click Save for the changes to be implemented.
  6. After saving a new version is created.

The message that the change affects the psychometric data of this item, appears after saving the changes. Click Yes to implement the changes.