How do I host a session? | Webex

Go to the Webex website ( and click Start for your session to start this session. The Webex Events application will now open.

Check your camera and your microphone and click Start Event.

The menu bar in Webex Events

  1. Microphone: turn your microphone on or off.
  2. Camera: turn your webcam on or off.
  3. Participant list: show a list of all participants.
  4. Chat: open the chat window. 
  5. Q&A: open the Q&A window. This feature might be hidden below the three dots icon. 
  6. Close the session.

How do I manage the participants in my session?

  1. Click Participants to open the panel with participants.
  2. You will see the total number of participants, including the panel members.
  3. The names of guest speakers and panel members will be visible right away.
  4. Click View all attendees to open a list with all participants.

Select one or multiple participants to:

  1. Turn the microphone on or off.
  2. Make the participant a panel member.
  3. Expel them from the session.
  4. Change the role of the participant (with a right mouse click).

You can make a participant (attendee) a panel member, but not a presenter. You have to make them a panel member first, and then you can make them presenter.