How do I create a Webex account? | Webex

You can request a Webex account at the  ICT Helpdesk of the ISC. You can use it to log in to the Webex website of the Radboud University:

Webex Events is suitable for presentations for large groups (up to 1000 participants). If you want to use a video tool where the participants are visible on screen, you can use breakout rooms and you have a group smaller than 300 participants, then we recommend using Zoom. If you have  a group smaller than 150 participants and want to create a simple video session within Brightspace, then we recommend using Virtual Classroom.

Download Webex Events

To present a webinar with Events you will need the accompanying software. You can download it from the Webex website.

  • Log in on the RU Webex website
  • Click on the Webex Events tab.
  • Go to Support at the bottom left and click Downloads.
  • Click Webex Events.
  • Choose the right operating system (Mac or Windows) and click Download.
  • Open the downloaded installer and follow the instruction to install the application.

It is not necessary to install the software if you want to follow a webinar. You can also open the event in the browser. If you want to present you do need the software.