How do I plan a session? | Webex

A session for a Webex Event can be planned in the browser. Navigate to and log in using your RU Webex-account.  

  • Click Webex Events.

Create a series (Program)

If you are going to present a series of webinars for the same class it is advised to first create a collection (Program) to which you can then add your events.

  • Click Create New Program.
  1. Name your program.
  2. Add a short description of the series.
  1. If desired, you can add a small image.
  2. Click Create a Program to save the program.

In the overview you will find the program you just created. Click on the titel to change the program.

Plan an event

  • Click Schedule an Event.
  1. Name the event.
  2. For safety reasons, every event has a password.
  3. Select the program this event belongs to.
  4. Enter a start date and time.

You can save the settings for an event as a template. When creating a new event you can select the desired template and thus most settings will be filled out for you.

  1. Add a short description of the event.
  2. If desired, add an inmage and a photo of the presenter.
  3. Select who gets to see the participant list.

Add guest speakers and panelist

  1. If you have guest speakers, you can add them to the event via Create invitation list.
  2. Add a password for the guest speakers.
  1. Add a name or email address for the guest speaker or panelist.
  2. Add whether the invitee is a presenter (alternate host).
  3. Click Add to Invitation List. 

You can add multiple people as a presenter or panelist.

When you add the names and email addresses, the people are not yet invited for your event. You have to do this separately:

  1. Select the people you want to invite.
  2. Click Invite.
  3. Close the window to return to the event settings.

A host can:

  • start and close the event
  • give a presentation or select a presenter
  • start the recording
  • start the poll

A panelist is a moderator and can:

  • answer questions from participants
  • show the poll

Click here for a complete overview of the roles.

  1. If you want to use these settings more often, you can save them as a template.
  2. Click Schedule This Event to actually save it.

Below Site Events you will find the planned events. Click the title of an event to request the link to the event or to change the event and add speakers or panelists.

  1. Event address for attendees this is the link you can post in your Brightspace course so students can participate.
  2. Event address for panelists this is the link you can send to your guest speakers and panelists.
  3. Event password the event's password.
  4. Click Edit Event if you want to make changes or add guest speakers.