Create and share a recording | Webex

How do I create a recording?

You can create a recording of the session so participants can view it later. With this recording the webcam footage, shared files, chat and Q&A will all be saved.

  1. Click Recorder.
  2. Click Record to start the recording.
  3. The recorder window can be closed during the recording.

You always have to start the recording manually. There is no setting that lets the system start the recording as soon as the session starts.

You can pause or stop a recording. The difference is that with Pause one recorded file is created, whereas with Stop a new file will be created once you restart recording.

  1. Click Recorder.
  2. Click Pause to pause the recording.
  3. Click Stop to stop the recording.

How do I share a recording?

You can find the Webex Event recordings on the Webex website in your account. You can download the recording and upload it in Kaltura. You can also copy a link to the recording and share it.

It is strongly advised to download a recording instead of sharing it via a Webex link. This is because the Webex recordings will only be saved for a limited time (a few months) and they will then be removed from Webex automatically and without warning. If you want to make a recording available for a longer period of time, you have to download the file and add it to Kalture. Webex only offers 50GB of space for recordings. If you have downloaded a recording and added it to Kaltura, remove it from Webex.

  • Navigate to and log in using your RU Webex-account.
  • Click Recordings to view an overview of your recordings.
  • Click on the name to view the recording.

While playing the recording you have the following options:

  1. Show Contents: show miniatures of the presentation. This way you can quickly skip to certain parts of the presentation.
  2. Full Screen: show the video in full screen.
  3. Show Video: show the webcam video.
  4. Show Participants: show the list of participants that were present at that point of the video.
  5. Show Chat: show the chat.
  6. Show Q&A: show the Q&A.

If one of the icons for video, participants, chat or Q&A is gray, then that means that at that moment in the recording there were no webcam video, participants, chat or questions. You can use the settings of the recording to determine afterwards which of the components should be visible while playing the video.

  • Click the pencil icon above the video to edit the recording.
  1. Topic: change the title of the recording.
  2. Determine which components should be visible while playing.
  3. Description: add a description if desired.
  4. Click Save to save the changes.

How do I add a recording to Kaltura?

  • Click Download to download a MP4 file of the recording.
  • Read the Kaltura manuals for more information about adding the video file to your course.