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How do I record a session without displaying the participants? | Zoom

Recording in Zoom can be useful, for example when you want to upload the file as a class in Brightspace later. To make recordings in Zoom you will need an additional license. You can request this license from your supervisor. It is important to maintain the privacy of the other participants in your session. You can do so by following these guidelines, informing students about the recording and by following the steps below.

  • Start a Zoom meeting.
  1. Click the arrow behind Start Video.
  2. Click Video Settings.
Zoom Meeting
  1. Click the Recording tab.
  2. Make sure the box for Record video during screen sharing is not ticked because of privacy reasons. 

Please note! If you are sharing a screen, all participants will not be visible. If you stop sharing, all participants will once again be visible in the recording. Because of privacy reasons you thus have to turn off the recording before you stop your screen sharing.

  • Click Share Screen to share your screen.
  • While you are sharing your screen, go to the menu and then hover over More. Click Record. The following notification will appear:
  • Click Continue.  The recording has started. Participants in the Zoom meeting will receive a notification that the recording has started, after which they can choose to remain in the session or to leave the session.
  • While you are recording you can pause the recording temporarily. Do this by going to More in your menu. Then click Pause Recording.
  • To resume recording you use your mouse to go to More in the menu. Click Resume Recording. The recording will be saved as a single file.
  • To stop recording you go to More in the menu and click Stop Recording. You can now also stop your screen sharing.
  • As soon as you end the meeting or leave as host, the recording will be automatically converted.
  • As soon as the converting is finished, the folder Zoom has created containing the recording will open automatically. The bottom file in the image above is the file with sound and image.
  • This file can then be uploaded to Kaltura in Brightspace. Instructions can be found in the following manual: How do I add videos to my course with Kaltura?