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How do I migrate course material from Blackboard to Brightspace?

Starting from the academic year 2018/2019, Brightspace will be the new digital learning environment for the Radboud University. This means that your course will not be available in Blackboard anymore and will have to be transferred to Brightspace in due time. Unfortunately, it is not possible to directly and automatically import course material into Brightspace. Instead, the course material has to be downloaded from Blackboard and thereafter uploaded to Brightspace. An advantage of this manual transferring process is that it allows you to fully re-build your course.


  1. First determine what course material you would like to transfer from Blackboard.
  2. Organize your course material. One way to do so is to create a folder on your desktop/laptop that contains sub-folders in which you store your course material files in a neat and structured manner. When you are adding new course material to your course, make sure you have a copy stored in another private folder. When you are ready to build your course in Brightspace, you can easily upload the files from your computer to Brightspace.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the new platform. In Brightspace you have access to a personal space in which you can experiment with Brightspace and its tools (Sandbox). In your sandbox you can test out all the functionalities of Brightspace without your actions having consequences for existing education. Changes made in your sandbox are only visible to yourself. Experiment with new ways of presenting information, testing students or ways to stimulate interaction between students. Once you successfully created a (sub)module in your sandbox , it can easily be copied to your corresponding Brightspace course.

Download course material from Blackboard

Downloading documents:

  • Navigate to the Control Panel of your Blackboard course
  • Click Content Collection.
  • Click Course code of the course.
  • Select the files and folders you wish to download. 
  • Click Download package: you will get a zip-file with your selected files and folders. 
  • Unpack the zip-file on your computer and order the files in a logical manner. 
  • Turn this into another zip-file, including the new file/folder structure. 

Downloading a quiz with questions:

  • Navigate to the Control Panel of your Blackboard course.
  • Click Course Tools.
  • Click Tests, Surveys and Pools.
  • Click Tests.
  • Click the fold-out arrow behind the name of the quiz and select Export to Local Computer.

Downloading questions from a pool:

  • Navigate to the Control Panel of your Blackboard course.
  • Click Course Tools.
  • Click Tests, Surveys and Pools.
  • Click Pools.
  • Click the fold-out arrow behind the name of the pool and select Export to Local Computer.

Upload course material to Brightspace

You can upload course material in Brightspace via Manage Files.

  • Navigate to Administration in the navbar of your course.
  • Click Course Admin.
  • Click Manage Files.
  • Click Upload. A pop-up screen will appear. Click Upload again and select the preferred zip-file or drag the zip-file into the box. You can upload files up to a maximum of 1 GB and the duration of the uploading process will depend on the size of the file.
  • You should see the zip-file on the list. After uploading, click Save to finish the upload, Upload to upload more files or Cancel to terminate the uploading. You can upload files of 1 GB maximum, the duration of the upload depends on the file size.
  1. Click the fold-out arrow next to the zip-file.
  2. Click Unzip. 

Your file structure is ready-to-go in Manage Files in Brightspace. You can now connect files to a course:

Would you like assistance in migrating your course material from Blackboard to Brightspace or additional information about the Brightspace functionalities? Feel free to book in an appointment via For other questions you can contact your faculty's ICT support staff or send an email to or

Upload Videos

  • Videos you have uploaded from Blackboard to Kaltura are available in Kaltura My Media in Brightspace.
  • To add your weblectures, you should use the same link to your weblectures as you used in Blackboard. 

Uploading Quizzes and Pool questions

Uploading a Quiz:

  • Navigate to Administration in the navbar of your course.
  • Click Course Admin.
    (You can also click the settings button in the minibar within your course)
  • Click Import/Export/Copy/Components.
  • Click Import Components and then Start. Now upload the desired file. 
  • Click Import All Components to import everything. Click Advanced Options to select which parts of the file you would like to import, where you want to place the file within the course, what should be done when certain components are similar to existing files and whether or not you want to import your metadata as well. 
  • Click Continue.
  1. Select under Select Components to Import which components you wish to import. For each component you can also only import parts of it (Select individual items to import).
  2. Indicate under Advanced Options:
    • if you want the file to be placed on a specific location.
    • whether an existing file should or should not be overwritten by the file that is to be imported.
    • if you want metadata to also be imported.
  3. Click Continue. Now select for each component which individual items you wish to import (if you indicated you wanted to import individual items).
  1. Tick the desired items. 
  2. Click Continue.
  • An overview of the selected components and items will now appear. Once again there is the possibility to adjust the Advanced Options to your liking.
  • Click Continue. You will see the status of the import process. Click Continue once more.
  • Click View Content to navigate to the Content page of your course. 
  • Click Import another package to import more content to Brightspace. For instance if you wanted the previous components to be stored in one place and these in another. 
  • Click Review and Manage Dates to navigate to Manage Dates.

Uploading pool questions: 

You can upload pool questions via Import Components as was described above. You can also upload them in the Question Library:

  • Go to Activities in the navbar.
  • Click Quizzes.
  • Go the the tab Question Library.
  • Click Import.
  • Click Upload a File.

The blogs/journal functionality as in Blackboard is not available in Brightspace. Also, discussion boards in Blackboard can not be transferred or copied to Brightspace.