How do I use the Turnitin Feedback Studio app?

Turnitin Feedback Studio can be used to review assignments that students have submitted; you can also provide feedback. Just like on the desktop version you can provide comments, mark text, assess based on a rubric and add a voicenote. You can also immediately see the plagiarism score and assess offline.

  • Download the app Turnitin Feedback Studio in the App Store. It is currently not available in the Play Store.

The Turnitin Feedback Studio is only available for iOS.

Open the assignment in the app

Go to Brightspace and then access the Turnitin assignment you want to review.

  • Navigate to Activities in the navbar of your course.
  • Click Assignments.
  • Click on the name of the desired assignment. Note that you can look at the document icon behind the name to determine whether you are dealing with a Turnitin assignment.
  • If you have previously uploaded the assignment to Turnitin, click the pencil icon to open the feedback studio.
  • When you have not previously uploaded the assignment, click the icon with the file bin. Then click the pencil icon.
  • Click the information icon at the bottom right of the navigation bar.
  • Enter your email below the Email heading, and then again below Confirm Email.
  • Click Email me. You will receive a link in your inbox that will allow you to link the course to the app. This way, you can assess every Turnitin assignment in the course using the app.
  • Open the email on the device containing the app to open the app.
  • Click Add Class.

If you are using an iOS-device containing the Studio app to navigate to the assignment, then you do not need to enter your mail address. Instead of the fields to enter your email address you will see a button labeled 'Add Class'. When you click this button you can directly assess the assignment using the app.

Do you want to learn more about how to assess with the Feedback Studio in a browser? Then read the article How do I provide an assignment with feedback using GradeMark?

Assessment in the app

 When you open the app you will see an overview of all courses that have been added to the app.

  • Click on the course that contains the assignment you want to assess.

You will see an overview of the Turnitin assignments within the course.

  • Click the desired assignment.
  1. You will see an overview of the students/groups who have to complete this assignment. Behind the name of each student you will see the date on which they have submitted the assignment, the score they have received (if you have already previously reviewed the assignment) and the plagiarism score.
  2. Click on a student to review this student's assignment. If you have not yet downloaded the assignment it will be coloured grey with a blue arrow in front. Click on the arrow to download the assignment.
  3. You can filter the students:
    • All:  you will see all students.
    • Submitted: you will only see the students who have submitted the assignment.
    • Not Submitted: you will only see the students who have not yet submitted the assignment.
  4. It is also possible to sort the students. Select:
    • Last Name to sort the students alphabetically based on last name;
    • Date Added to sort the students chronologically based on the date they submitted the assignment;
    • Grade - Low to High to sort the students based on grades, with the students with the lowest grade at the top;
    • Grade - High to Low to sort the students based on grades, with the students with the highest grade at the top.
  5. Click on the magnifying glass to search for a specific student.
  6. Click the information icon to review the Start Date, Due Date, the date of publication of the scores (Post Date) and the maximum number of points the student can acquire (Point Value). You can also select the option that will make the app download all submissions for this assignment automatically (Download all). Please note that the app will use the data found in the assignment settings in Brightspace. If you have not entered anything in Brightspace, the app will fill it out itself.

After you have downloaded an assignment, you can assess it offline. The moment your tablet reconnects to the internet the app will automatically synchronize all changes you have made in Brightspace.

When you have selected a student, the submitted assignment belonging to this student will open.

  • Click Summary Comment to add feedback to the entire assignment. A window will open that you can use to add your commentary.
  • Click Voice Comment to add spoken feedback. Below a gray recording bar will appear.
  • Click Similarity to see the plagiarism score as well as the sources the text is similar to.
  • Click somewhere in the document to add feedback to that specific point.

You will also see the option Rubric. This only concerns the Turnitin rubrics; this means that you cannot use the rubrics you have linked to the assignment in Brightspace. It is recommended to use the rubrics in Brightspace.

When clicking on the document, you will have three different options to add in-text feedback.

  • Quickmarks: these are sentences you have created in advance. You can drag these to a specific part of the student's work, allowing you to streamline the process of providing feedback and speed up the assessment process.
  • Comment: add a short comment. It will be displayed in a text balloon.
  • Inline: a short comment that will be visible directly in the text.

It is also possible to select a piece of text. This will give you the Quickmarks and Comment options. Instead of Inline you will now see the option Strike. You can use this to cross out the selected text.

  1. Click on the pencil icon at the top of the screen to add a score.
  2. Click Close when you are finished. Your changes will be saved automatically.

After you have downloaded an assignment, you can assess it offline. The moment your tablet reconnects to the internet, the app will automatically synchronise the changes you have made to Brightspace.