How do I use Urkund? | Urkund

Lecturers can opt to use a tool called Urkund to scan submitted assignments for plagiarism. Urkund is integrated in Brightspace. Students can submit their assignments in Brightspace, after which the submitted assignments are sent to Urkund.

Turn on Urkund for Assignments

  1. Click Activities in the navbar and then click Urkund.
  • If you use the tool for the first time, you will receive a notification from Brightspace. Click Do not ask me again for this application and then click Continue.
  • An overview will appear of all created Assignments in this course. Slide the buttons below Turn On/Off Plagiarism Detection to 'on' to turn on plagiarism checks for these assignments. A confirmation question will appear:
Urkund - Sandbox Liese van Heumen - Google Chrome
  • Click Yes.

You will then go to the same Assignments overview, only now the columns have been filled out:

  1. Below Submission Folder Name you will see the name of the assignment.
  2. Below Number of Documents Submitted you will see how many assignments have been submitted.
  3. Below Number of Documents Analyzed you will see how many submitted assignments have already been checked by the plagiarism tool. If you have just turned Urkund on for the assignment, it might take a while for assignments to appear.
  4. The Receiver Account is the email address where the submitted assignments and the plagiarism score are emailed to. This mail address is linked to the person who turned on the plagiarism detection in Brightspace. For more information, see How can I see the report of Urkund's plagiarism detection?
  5. Click Turn off Plagiarism Detection to turn Urkund off again.

You can turn Urkund on at any given moment, even when assignments have already been submitted. Once you turn Urkund on, the submitted assignments will be sent to Urkund right away.