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How do I change my account settings? Minibar | Account Settings

In account settings you can customize many of Brightspace’s display options. These settings are personal and do not influence the appearance of your course for students.

  1. General account settings like the font size, language, time zone and settings of other applications can be altered in the Account Settings tab.
  2. The Discussions tab allows you to alter the display and response settings for the discussion forums.

Account Settings

  1. Click on your name or initials/profile picture in the minibar.
  2. Select Account Settings to open the tab Account Settings.
  3. Font sizes in Brightspace can be altered below Font Settings. However, the font size in images, documents and objects remains unchanged.
  4. Dialog Settings allows you to choose whether you want dialogs to be shown in the same window (Dialogs) or in a new window (Pop-ups). Opt for Pop-ups if you wish your page remains uncomplicated, this is recommended when working with small screens or assistive technology like a screen reader or voice software.
  5. It is possible to disable elaborate text editing options in the HTML-editor. To do this, check the box beneath HTML Editor Settings. This is not recommended: apart from turning off all text editing options, line breaks are no longer recognized and the HTML source code for existing texts will be visible!

In Brightspace it is not possible to use a view for dyslexics. If you do want to have this option, you can add an extension in Chrome. You can turn this extension on/off when visiting any website. 

  1. With some Brightspace functionalities, text will be marked as read when you have scrolled over it. Beneath Reading content you are able to prevent this by checking the box ‘Do not automatically mark items as read as the page scrolls’.
  2. Below Video Settings you can allow aid programs to ‘see’ and play videos by checking the box ‘Optimize video presentation for programmatically-driven assistive technologies.
  3. The first day of the week, date-, number- and percentage formats can be changed under Locale and Language (Please note: it might occur that some courses overwrite your preferences).
  1. The time zone can be changed beneath Time Zone.
  2. Beneath Signing in you can hide your online status for others by checking Always Appear Offline. Should your online status be available for others, check the Appear Online box.
  3. Beneath Binder Settings you are able to disconnect from Binder.
  4. Click Save and Close at the bottom of the page in order to save your changes and to return to the page you were before adjusting your account settings.


  1. Navigate to the Discussion tab to alter discussion settings.
  2. Beneath Personal Settings you are able to adjust personal settings concerning the discussions:
    • Selecting ‘Always show the discussion list pane’ allows you to always see an overview of the discussion on the left side of your screen. Selecting Display deleted posts enables you, while browsing topics, to see posts that have been removed.
    • Selecting Include original post in reply beneath Reply Settings causes the original post to be included in your reply by default.
    • If you wish to be automatically subscribed to a thread you created, select the option ‘When creating a new thread, subscribe to the thread by default’ beneath Subscription Settings.
  3. The dropdown menu beneath Org Unit Settings gives you the option to allow participants of a discussion to rate each other’s posts.  Ratings can be visualized by means of stars, up vote/down vote or up vote only.
  4. Click Save and Close at the bottom of the page in order to save your changes and to return to the page you were before adjusting your account settings.

Regard this: More options will be available beneath the discussion tab when navigating from a course to Account Settings, than from navigating from your personal homepage to Account Settings. It is also possible to change the discussion settings via the Discussions menu found in courses via the Activities tab.