What is the Editor?

The Brightspace HTML editor can be used to add several types of content to your course, like:

  • text and images;
  • video and audio files;
  • quicklinks and URLs;
  • formulas;
  • HTML-codes.

The Brightspace HTML editor looks like a text field with a bar that contains different formatting options. You can find the editor in several Activities like Assignments, Quizzes, Discussions, and Surveys. The HTML editor can be used to write instructions and/or add descriptions to an Activity. It can also be used to add a text or file to a (sub)module in Content.

Adding a media file or URL to the editor creates a link to this specific content instead of a physical copy. This results in:

  • the content that has been added not being saved in the HTML editor. This content (for example an image or video) should be stored in a different place;
  • the HTML editor not properly displaying the content when said content is removed from where it was previously stored.
  1. Give the content a title. Select a template using Select a Document Template if necessary.
  2. Click Hide from Users to make the file invisible to students.
  3. The bar on top enables you to create headings, use formatting options, change the font, change the size of the font, change the color of the text, and add formulas:
    • The three options on the left-hand side allow you to add audio and video files, images, and quicklinks.
    • Click on the button with the three dots to reveal additional options: this enables you to undo previous actions and cut and/or copy content.
  4. In the bar on the bottom you can (from left to right):
    • check spelling (in multiple languages);
    • check accessibility (for visually impaired users) ;
    • open the source code;
    • open a preview of how the content will be displayed in your course;
    • display the editor in full screen;
    • change the size of the editor.
  5. Click on Change Path to select where in Manage Files you want to save the content.
  6. Click on Save and Close to publish your content or select Save to save the file as a concept so you can edit it at a later moment.
  • If you copy a text from Word to the Editor, the layout of the text will not be transferred (e.g. font, size of letters, text color). However, the structure for headings, enumerations and tables will be copied.
  • The editor is the same on almost every page in Brightspace except for when you click on Create a File while in Content. This will offer you the extra option to Select a Document Template. This allows you to choose or create a template that you can use to format the text in the editor. If you want to add your own template (via Browse for a Template when you have selected Select a Document Template) you basically copy a previously created file in your course to this place. You can then add new content to the file without altering the original template.

Do you want to know how you add formatted text, an image, audio or video files, (quick)links or a formula to the HTML editor? Please read the following articles: